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Do you think often about your Face/ Skin improvement but are not sure where to start?

Jul 10, 2013

The obvious recommendation is that find a professional and book in for a  FREE consultation.  In fact there is much more to it than  just  a consultation for your concerns. From here onwards you will be guided by your professional, as to what type of issue you have. It can be a lesion sitting on the skin, such as Acne, Rosacea, Dyschromias, Scarring, Melasma, photo aging of the skin, Actinic keratosis, Keratosis pillaris and Seborrhic keratosis .  There are vascular lesions more common in mature age group along with other signs of sun damage.  Or you simply want a full face and neck rejuvenation to maintain your skin health.



Above mentioned conditions will need different treatments. To choose one for you will be choosen by your consultant. The choice depends on the age of the person,  type, duration, stage , skin type, what treatments have been already tried and more importantly what  your routine is, that fits around the treatment programme suggested.

There are situations when you will have to go through more than one mode of treatment to address your skin problem or improvement.  For example you may need topical/ medical  as well as a treatment in the clinic with the doctor. Treatment in the doctor’s office/clinic can be a skin peel, a laser treatment, may be a heat treatment or a surgical option. Then there are conditions when you need to go through stages of treatments it can takes months to years to improve things in the skin layers.

There can be a loss of volume on the face and in the neck area, visible in the form of dull looking skin, hollowness, deep lines, misshapen looks, angry looking expressions or simply wrinkles and lines all over. It can be visible in the form of a dark brown patch, a thick skin lesion firmly stuck on the skin, thin skin, lathery skin, or you simply do not know what it is.


In this instance again after the consultation you will be given the choice of treatments to suit your needs to achieve results. Treatments in this category can be wrinkle reducing injections (Botox injection), it can be a resurfacing laser treatment,  a filler,  skin tightening radiofrequency  treatment, a chemical (TCA) peel , topical medication, oral medication, LED therapy or a combination of the above.


Lastly it is not necessary to come with one or the other condition, you can visit a specialist simply for solutions for  your aging skin. The basis of treatments for the aging skin will be towards helping your skin to stimulate the collagen factory in the skin layers to produce more collagen and add thickness  to your  skin.

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