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Price List 2020 

Please Note: The following prices are only a guideline and need confirming, at the time of consultation. 

All our non-surgical treatment prices are inclusive of VAT. 

Consultation - £30 

Skin test: £35 

Eye- consultations with the surgeons: £130. 

Non- eye consultations with the surgeons: £70. 

Hair removal treatments (IPL/Laser)

Area to be treated

One treatment price

A course of 6 treatment sessions




Chin area 



Ear Lobes OR Nose hair 



Heavy Eye Brows 



Upper Lip Hair 



Upper Lip, Jaw line and Chin 



Full Face hair 




Under Arms Female

65 380

Male Shoulders 

Price after consultation 


Male Upper Arms OR Chest 



Male Full Back 

Price after consultation 

Male Abdomen (Tummy) 



Female Neck hair 



Female Fore arms 



Finger Knuckles 



Female Chest OR Tummy 



Female busts 



Female Full back/Half 

Price after consultation 

Feet and  Toes 



Female Bikini (Full) 



Bikini Tidy Or Bikini line 



Female Buttocks 

Price after consultation 

Full Lower Limbs (Female) 



Lower Legs including Knees 




 Facial Redness, Rosacea, Thread veins Treatments 

 With no down time.  

  • Treatments for - skin discolouration, facial thread veins, sun damaged skin, age spots, flushing, blushing, red spots and dots, birth marks, Hereditary - haemorrhagic erythema (HHE), fresh scars and red keloid, fresh stretch marks and Rosacea, leg veins including varicose veins and more.  


Areas to be treated 

Price for one session 

Price for a course of 6 sessions 

 Full face Thread veins 






 Problematic Flushing and Blushing 



Sun damaged skin areas 

 Neck area 






 Together Neck + De’colletage 



 Fore arms with sun damage 



 Age spots on both hands 



 Leg veins/ Varicose veins Any small area starts at 



 Full lower limbs 



 Half leg veins including knees 




Carbon Di-Oxide Laser Treatments

Gold standard treatment to get Youthful Skin and Acne Scarring improvements 

Full Face Skin Resurfacing - £800 per session

Neck Skin Resurfacing - £550 per session

Acne Scarring areas-

Cheeks - £500 per session

Chin - £375 per session

Forehead - £475 per session

(Other areas after consultation).


  Pixel Laser Skin rejuvenation Treatments  

Area to be treated 

Price for one session 


 Full face rejuvenation for uneven colour 

Full face Melasma

Neck treatment 













 *Price for other areas will be quoted after consultation. 


Tattoo removal Laser treatments 

Size of a Tattoo 

Price for one session 

Price for 6 sessions 

 Small up to 2” in size 



 An average 3”- 5” in size 



 Large up to 3” – 7” in size 



                        Please note:  this is a guide price, may change after consultation

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Laser Treatments (UVB Narrow Band) – For Psoriasis/Vitiligo/Dermatitis and Re-pigmentation of the skin.

Consultation - £30                                            Skin Test - £35

  • £561 per course of treatment twice weekly (you may need more than one course of treatment.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Radio- Frequency  Heat energy Treatments for-

Skin tightening


Stretch marks 

Eye bags and  droopy brow lift (Non -surgical )

Acne Skin improvement

Post - delivery skin tightening  

Area to be treated 

Price for one session 

Price for a course of 6 treatment 

 Full face area 



 Double chin/ neck area 



 Upper arms (Bat’s wings) 



 Tummy skin tightening 



 Stretch marks 




Price for other areas will be given after consultation

Price will be given at the time of consultation 


Medical methods of skin rejuvenation

 Skin Peels - 

  *They can be with or without down time. 

Full face £90 per session  (for superficial skin peels).

Medium Skin Peels £250 per session.

Deep Skin Peels £990 per session.

Suitable for: Acne skin, acne scars, rough textured skin, to improve dis-colouration of skin, to improve complexion, to minimise enlarged pores, to improve blemishes, for a tired looking skin, mature skin, in preparation for Laser skin treatment, recuperating skin from illness and to give a wow factor for your party. 


Injection treatments for - Hypertrophic, itchy and Keloid scars.


 Medical injection treatments OR Botox cosmetic injections 

* With no down time 

This mainly treats expression lines, appearing on the face with advancing years. 

Number of areas treated 


 Any one area as below: 

  Forehead lines or 

Crow’s feet around the eyes

 or  Frown lines 


Any one and a half areas 



  Any two areas


   Any two and a half areas 




 Three areas 

Three and a half areas





Upper lip lines 




Droopy angles of mouth  




Botox injection for Migraine headaches




Botox injection for facial twitches




Botox injection for excessive sweating




Dermal fillers for liquid face lift treatments

* Restylane is the safest dermal filler. 

(This treatment is also known as “Liquid face lift”). 


Area to be treated 

Prices per syringe 

Dark circles around the eyes/Tear Trough


Deep lines from nose to mouth (Nasolabial lines) 


Cheeks enhancement 


Lip enhancement/ shaping 


Lines from mouth to chin / Oral commissures 


Hands Dorsum skin  enhancement /rejuvenation 


Skin enhancement on upper chest area 


Surgical treatments 

1.  Cosmetic eye lids surgery (Also known as Blepharoplasty surgery) 


Eye lids 


Upper eye lid surgery

 £2,400 inc. VAT 

 Lower lid surgery 

£3,600 inc. VAT

Both upper and Lower Lids together  £4,800 inc. VAT

2. Surgical Eye Brows Lift £2,800 inc. VAT

3. Surgical procedures:  *Please note: Price will be given, after consultation and examination

for the following -

  • Actinic Keratosis patches
  • Benign skin growths
  • Chalazion
  • Cysts
  • Epidermal swellings and more…
  • Eye stye
  • Lipomas
  • Moles (Flat and raised)
  • Neurofibromas
  • Papilloma
  • Skin tags
  • Syringoma
  • Verrucae
  • Warts
  • (The above surgical procedures ,are not funded on the NHS). 
***As a rough guide, Prices starting from £350 onwards.

     Milia and Skin tags starting from £90 - £200. 

    (Please note, Exact Prices are given at the time of Consultation, after examination).



Eye Cosmetic Surgery



Important Client Information From Dr. S R Chawdhary

Please note, Recently another clinic on the same road as Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, who use the same name as mine, Rani which is mentioned on their web site, just as "RANI". Please do not be confused by this. I am Dr. Satya Rani (MBBS).

I do not work at any other clinic. I have my own long established Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic for 18 years. Remember we are at 2 Vernon street, Ground Floor Suite Derby, DE1 1FR Therefore do not get confused!


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We also accept cash

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