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Cosmeceuticals treatments

Cosmecutical.jpgOur range of Cosmecuticals on offer for:

  • Skin DNA repair
  • Youth recovery 
  • Eye skin repair
  • Scar repair
  • Stretch marks repair
  • Maintenance of youthfull appearance 
  • Dull skin and complexion
  • Skin colour improvement
  • Acne skin maintenance
  • Physical skin protection factor 
  • Wrinkle reduction and repair                                                      We stock:Tretinoin, range of Obaji,  Salicylic Acid preprations, AHA and BHA preprations and prescriptions for medication needed for the treatment in the clinic. 

This term was first introduced in 1984 by Albert Klingman, MD, PHD. He used this term to identify products that provide cosmetic as well as therapeutic benefits.

Cosmeceuticals are mainly used to keep the signs of aging at bay. These are useful in keeping the lines and wrinkles away, the skin laxity is delayed, sun damage and discolouration is repaired as we use. Most of all these maintain your skin plumpness. Please note that home care and cosmeceuticals have a scientific basis to provide results. They should only be prescribed by medical professionals.

In essence the use of Cosmeceuticals is needed when your make up is not enough and the medication is not needed. But things are not quite right in appearance and you are not as confident as in the past. This is about time that you listen to your skin. When you see imperfections are showing and that is affecting your confidence then first thing you do is to consult a professional. At various stages in life you have different skin issues that need addressing. The message is that if you look after your skin in early years of your life, better will be the looks in later years.

Cosmeceuticals provide a number of benefits. For example to reduce sun damage, improve skin barrier, smooth out skin texture, reduce free radical formation( free radicals damage skin), gives smoother skin tone, prevents from sun damage(comes from ultra violet sun rays). Cosmeceuticals maintain the skin pores, keep the skin plump and as a result lines and wrinkles are delayed. Then there are medical conditions which change your appearance and confidence, some are (not all) addressed by cosmeceuticals. Some examples are discolouration, acne, wrinkles and lines. Therefore one may need more than one variety of cosmeceuticals to address more skin concerns. Mostly one active ingredient addresses one imperfection only, just like cosmetic make up. The category of home care products or cosmeceuticals are out there in vast numbers. This causes a lot of confusion in one’s mind, as to what and how to use them, what exactly is needed, will it harm, and will it make things worse and so on. Variety of cosmeceuticals available in the market is expanding all the time. To name, some are known as sun protection (SPF), antioxidants, collagen producing, pigment lightening, redness reducing, peptides, DNA repair agents, renew and more.

The key question is what exactly is needed in an individual’s case. To find out you need to be seen by an expert who will diagnose the problem, who will find out a suitable solution for the individual keeping in mind about the adverse effects of the product. That is not all, one needs to be monitored by the specialist as he or she progresses with the improvement. Things can go wrong at any stage of the treatment.

Here is an example of some of the ingredients : SPF, Kojic acid ,Lactic acid, Azelaic acid, Hydorxy acids, Resorcinol derivatives, retinoids,Beta-carotene, Tocopherol derivatives,Resveratrol, Aloe-vera coffee Arabica, Metalloprotenase inhibitors,Glutathione, Genistein, Green tea, Soy extracts, DAME, plant stem cells, anti-inflammatory agents(grape-seed) and arbutin and more.....
They way to maintaining your youthful appearance is to tackle both external aging (environmental factors as well as chronological (intrinsic ) aging factors. To achieve this one may need one single active product or a blend of more. There are situations when one needs more than just cosmeceutical to achieve the goal; to combine with other treatments in the clinic.
Please note that not all Cosmeceuticals are safe and effective but they are here to stay, as the overwhelming desire of the aging population is to hold on to youthful looks for as long as possible. To maintain the youthful appearance, cosmeceuticals provide active regenerative and protective ingredients.

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Important Client Information From Dr. S R Chawdhary

Please note, Recently another clinic on the same road as Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, who use the same name as mine, Rani which is mentioned on their web site, just as "RANI". Please do not be confused by this. I am Dr. Satya Rani (MBBS).

I do not work at any other clinic. I have my own long established Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic for 18 years. Remember we are at 2 Vernon street, Ground Floor Suite Derby, DE1 1FR Therefore do not get confused!


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