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Is your confidence directly related to unwanted body hair?

Sep 04, 2013

Help is available, hair need not be a reason to make you feel any less confident.



We offer a range and  lasting treatments to deal with hair problems.

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A recent study of 3,000 women, carried out by Remington, found that on average British women spend £8,000 on hair removal during their lives. It also revealed that 88% of women will spend four months of their lifetime removing unwanted body hair by undergoing procedures such as waxing.

On average, the women surveyed said they’d be prepared to spend £712 to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Unwanted facial hair was revealed as the biggest fear, followed by hair on legs and arms.

The survey found that women in the south of England would be willing to pay almost double as much to be hair-free for their lifetime compared to women in the north.

Vicky Williams, marketing director at Remington, said, “Whether it’s shaving, waxing or more permanent solutions, we hear from women all the time that being hair free is crucial to their confidence.”

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