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Premature aging skin solution!

Aug 06, 2013

A new treatment, for rejuvenating your sun damaged skin!

With carbon Di-Oxide fractionated laser we are getting impressive results. This treatment is very beneficial in reversing the signs of sun damage on the arms and legs.It is well tolerated by the clients.


This is for the individuals who have tried all the creams, lotions and potions under the sun but with no avail. It is a gentle treatment, given under local anaesthetic as a day case. The oldest age group treated is a 70 year old female, on the thighs and recovery period can take up to 10 days.  On third day or so skin starts crusting. There is no pain or wound and fits well with your daily routine. The result soon after the treatment is immediate tightening of the skin,



Some temporary redness, but overall cosmetic improvement is very good.

As a result it improves cumulative sun damage, coarse wrinkle reduction, dull colour, uneven pigmentation, actinic keratosis, moles, seborrhic dermatitis, pigmented skin tags, viral warts and more.

For more please book your consultation on 01332 297397

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Important Client Information From Dr. S R Chawdhary

Please note, Recently another clinic on the same road as Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, who use the same name as mine, Rani which is mentioned on their web site, just as "RANI". Please do not be confused by this. I am Dr. Satya Rani (MBBS).

I do not work at any other clinic. I have my own long established Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic for 17 years. Remember we are at 2 Vernon street, Ground Floor Suite Derby, DE1 1FR Therefore do not get confused!



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